Do you believe your staff are motivated?

Do you expect loyalty or do you earn it?

When employees are motivated the working atmosphere improves, this increases output creating a domino effect of success. How is staff motivation and contentment achieved?

In a recent survey 78% of workers told their employers that they were happy in their work because they were concerned that any sign of discontent would jeopardise their jobs.

The same survey uncovered that 85% of workers suffer from stress.

Career opportunities, lack of bonus and reduced lunch breaks were sited as some of the reasons people were unhappy with their jobs, yet the majority would be reluctant to raise this with their employer. reasons for this were fear of being singled out, losing their job, being ignored. It is a real pity that staff motivation within so many smaller business environments see such a lack of positive approach.

So, as an employer, based on research from the UK and abroad, would you know that your staff need motivation, can you as the business owner use some help to find out the root cause of poor motivation in your company. The research shows that stressed and unhappy workers take more sick leave than workers who are happy in their job. Stress levels can take two years to reach a point where it physically affects health.

Interviewing workers in various occupations showed total extremes between employer/employee relationships. Some felt as if they knew nothing about the owner of the company they worked for, some did not even know the name of the managing director, whereas others had a good hands on friendship with their employer, however, both extremes felt disadvantaged when wanting to raise issues.


Could these be typical of your business? Would you like a smooth running efficient company, content staff and raised profits?

Coaching was considered a luxury amongst companies until a survey showed that ROI rose by up to 529% when a coach was bought in to raise morale, motivation and find out what employees wanted as well as what company directors sought.  The most successful companies retained a business coach, allowing them to call on their help during difficult times or periods of change.


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