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Does staff morale always get pushed to the bottom of the list of things to do? Are the benefits of taking action on morale not a priority?

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Are you on that wheel and can’t get off? Are your staff on that wheel and are too worried to step up and say they want to get off. Staff sickness costs the economy billions of pounds each year, and smaller companies suffer considerably when staff take time off. The reasons behind staff sickness is often morale, when incentive to perform has been forgotten the company picks up the bill.
Busy managers are sometimes too caught up in trying to cover lost working hours and using the manpower of other workers who are there at the time. The resulting resentment within the workforce can be difficult to identify, few workers would put themselves in a position where it would appear they have stepped out of the team or do not want to cover the work of an absent colleague. Once, maybe, but several times is known to have a knock on effect of poor or low level working practice and commitment. Low morale stretches loyalty and the remaining employees can become ignored and taken for granted. If you ask your staff if they are happy, would they in the majority of situations, say yes, in independent surveys employees who remain anonymous are frequently found to say no.
So what happens to disillusioned workers, they either leave, they reduce their commitment by providing the minimum as opposed to the maximum, they search for alternative employment, they voice their unhappiness to other workers or family members, and they are now on the wheel. This can directly affect productivity. Should you allow your productivity to suffer from a cause that you may know nothing about?
Can you allow your company to become a casualty of current trends or would you like to see your staff come into work each day keen and eager to make a difference with a win win company strategy?
We can help. Our dedicated executive coaches will work with you and your staff to motivate and move forward. The benefits of improved performance, improved profits and company expansion in the current economic climate is achievable, if you want to step off the wheel . Coaching has a proven history of helping in the workplace, an independent person who can help effect change without the risk of betrayed confidences or workforce rebellion. Book a free consultation today. on  01933 413618  -  or use our enquiry form

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