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Are you a sole trader, maybe a partnership. Small businesses often view executive coaching as something for the big companies, directing their business and charging a lot of money, however perception and reality are different. When multi million pounds, dollars or euros are mentioned, the small business proprietor tends to feel that they do not qualify, yet you could be missing out.

No business starts as a huge affair, many had no vision of their eventual success and some had a vision from day one. This shows that we all have different dreams and goals, however, whatever business you are in and however big or small, the aim has to be to make a profit, to be desirable and to be well respected. Climate change, financial change, local business development will have an effect on the sturdiest of businesses, during 2013 that has been clearly evident with some well known names, established companies and family names moving into liquidation. The risk is there, all businesses are vulnerable. The best way to prevent being a casualty is to avoid fighting fire with fire. If your business is on a down turn it may be too late, how will you know? Independent financial advice can be useful, but it lacks the personalisation of your company.

An executive coach does not need to be expensive, it will help you move your future forward,  it may protect what you hold dear, and it could turn everything around. It depends if you want to be a success story , asking costs nothing, but can change everything.

Career Are you enjoying your career but feel as if you could do more, progress further, expand or earn more money. We all want to be recognised for our worth, but sometimes how to get there can feel daunting, or the pathway unclear. Being employed or self-employed, stuck in a rut or at a crossroads, how can you find the way forward, how can you be sure that it is the right way forward. Career coaching can help. Plan your future, and provide the tools to take where you want to be, create the life you want to live. Remove the ceiling from your career ladder, making the sky the limit, with you in control of how high the sky is.

At AI Solutions, our career coaches can help you to prepare for an interview, streamline your CV, help you to find the right career for you and how to get there. Our coaching techniques can lead you into changing your life for the better. Do you want more? Start today, if you put it off until tomorrow you will fall into the group so many find themselves in, want it but are not quite able to commit. A free consultation will allow you to find out if coaching is for you.
Many wealthy and successful business men and women have a coach to guide them through each doorway of opportunity and assist with each step to the top, and beyond.

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